Organic Connections Bloom in an International Association

Last week at our Global Board Annual Planning Meeting, Integra had Association Directors coming from around the world to meet in Miami.  As luck would have it, there was also an International Tax Conference going on, organized by the Florida Institute of CPAs, just before our planning meeting started. We had informed everyone that there was another opportunity to come to Miami.

International Professional Associations give members a competitive edge;  the ability to meet up with and connect with colleagues anywhere, not just at their own Association events.  Integra International hosts several conferences a year, where our members from over 60 countries gather to network, learn and grow their practice.  Our members also have a regular habit of meeting up with each other when they travel around the world, for business and pleasure.  These beneficial connections are easy to arrange and give our members a global advantage and unique international experiences. Often, members really go out of their way to host each other and act as tour guides.

Getting back to the Tax Conference, and you can see from the picture here, our members are really happy to see each other and get the most from attending an event together.  In this picture, we have representation from Canada, Germany and the United States.  International Professional Associations offer a sense of community for members , an incentive to get out of the office and the ability create a truly Global Practice.   I always enjoy hearing about member stories, what they did, and who they met.  It is activities like these, that help our Association to grow.

January 18, 2019

Laurie Daschuk, BA

Integra International Global Administrator

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