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Leading with Intention

When it comes to setting the agenda for the year ahead, Associations have few better opportunities than the annual planning meeting.

Whether looking to rally members and volunteers, introduce organizational change, reset culture or implement new technology, an annual meeting must serve as a safe place to discuss and plan.

Members are doing wonderful things and we want to keep up and support them.  I really encourage input from everyone who wants to be actively involved in your Association.  We want to facilitate a broad and open approach, where everyone can be heard, and real change can happen.

Many organizations are making a big effort to expand and include the next generation of leaders.

It is important not to alienate the very people who you need to get onboard.

Many Associations are finding this to be true – and they are giving the traditional approach to an annual meeting a refresh, from adopting more flexible content, using technology to connect, or by choosing more inspiring venues. In the process, they are creating annual meetings with results that can be felt throughout the rest of the year.

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