Choosing the Right Professional Association

‘People have not come to this world to be on their own’

Accountants may feel confident that they are connected with the professional world because of platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but how often do they reach out and form meaningful business relationships online?  Social Media options both entice and repel at the same time.  There is so much potential out there, and yet accountants are typically wary of the time suck that online browsing can become.  If someone has a great online profile, will they necessarily manifest into a person who a busy professional could have a genuine connection with?  In the end, the tendency is to remain in the comfort of having lunch at one’s desk, rather than risk reaching out and meeting people in real life (IRL).

How are connections made that will further  professional success in a noisy digital world?  Even as the business climate becomes more rushed and frenetic, organizations which foster face to face introductions will never lose their value. Like a good mentor, a Professional Association can offer the opportunity and encouragement to reach outside of one’s realm of experience, to learn, grow, and try something new.  These career building steps occur because of the great people who offer their precious spare time and energy to contribute to the professions for which they have dedicated so much.

As an Association Executive and communications professional, I definitely recommend  seeking out and finding a collegial group that is right for the firm, or the Partner who is looking for something more.  When carefully considering the choices, here are some criteria to look for:

·     Do members talk about meaningful relationships they have gained through the Association?

·     Can members gain unique experiences not offered in their own firms?

·     Is the Association open to changes and innovation in the Industry?

·     Does the Association encourage the use of technology to leverage communication, education, and promotions? 

At Integra International, which is an Association of Tax, Audit and Accounting firms,  a lot of time is spent organizing the Global Conferences.  These events help bind the membership and pay real dividends for everyone attending. While members connect in the digital realm regularly, the kind of interactions experienced on location together offer benefits that last long after the meetings are over.

Associations and Networks are flourishing and growing in number every day. For the accountant and firm looking for meaningful experiences and a boost of energy for the practice, try one of the many local, national and international industry Associations.

Laurie Daschuk, BA

Integra International Global Administrator

February 9, 2019

(We have so many professional women in our Association as well! This is a photo that I took at the event, where everyone had such a good time. I will be sharing more pictures soon…)

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