Becoming Less Busy Isn’t About Slowing Down

That’s because this recent cultural reevaluation of ‘Busy,’ isn’t actually questioning a PACE of life, it’s questioning a WAY of life.

Being busy is being stuck.

Being less busy isn’t about working less.

There is a great disconnect in our cultural understanding about “work”.  We have wrongly categorized it as only that from which one is compensated with money.

But, the truth is that work is any and every activity upon which we spend our time, effort, thoughts, physicality, and intentions, etc. – not just what you are compensated for doing.

Yes, generating revenue for your company is “work,” but so is waking up and fixing breakfast. Exercising, responding to emails, returning mother’s phone call, picking kids up from practice, commuting: All Work. Relationships are work. Family is work. Self-development is work. Humans constantly work, plain and simple.

Becoming less busy isn’t about working less.

It’s about working more in the meaningful areas. It’s about doing work, yes to pay bills, but also to intentionally support the uncompensated areas that make up a meaningful way of life instead of a haphazard pace of life.

Becoming less busy is about your career not being the only work you have time to do. It’s about being free to do other work, like family, friendship, & self-development, as well.

Becoming less busy is about defining success on your own terms and designing a lifestyle that you believe in deeply – no matter how fast or slow it may be.

Stop the Presses