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Professional Development Facilitator & Trainer

First and foremost: I LOVE learning. I am currently the Executive Coordinator for FIVE associations, and travel as a facilitator and trainer.  Everyday, I face work-life issues, and like you, I am always looking for strategies to find work-life resolution.


Laurie formed the company ‘Stop the Presses’ in 1994 and is the full time Global Administrator and Global Meeting Planner for Integra International.  She consults with businesses and organizations to coordinate and deliver professional development courses and conferences, improve communication and facilitate work-life balance.

Laurie is the former Executive Coordinator for the Fraser Valley Chartered Professional Accountants Association, both the Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley Estate Planning Councils, the Walnut Grove Business Association, and the Fraser Valley Tax Technical Group. She travels throughout Western Canada as an Associate trainer with Campeau Learning.

Longer Version

After University I began a career in Communications, my first role was as Communications Coordinator at Health & Welfare Canada. This grew into further challenges, and new experiences as Community Consultation Coordinator at Human Resources Development Canada.  I continued my Communications education at SFU and chose to strike out on my own, forming the company Stop the Presses to widen my opportunities for training and presenting.


Yes, we are booking new clients/training/events at this time. We work from a calendar that books up to a year in advance so please contact us a soon as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Started at the University of Alberta, where I received an Arts Degree in Political Science and Economics.  I continue to keep up with the constant growth of this ever-changing professional development field. Here are some of the areas I have completed additional training in:

  1. Internal/External Communications
  2. Basic Facilitation
  3. Expert Facilitation
  4. Facilitating in a Team Environment
  5. Survey Design
  6. Media Training

Our mission is to equip knowledge workers, with the confidence, strength and competence that transforms people, who will then transform the world.


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